“The single greatest key to our health is empowerment, and with that comes vitality, productivity and happiness.” - Dr. Lauren Bramley

Full Service

We have clinical practitioners in family medicine, anti-ageing medicine, aesthetic medical procedures, dentistry, obstetrics and gynaecology, osteopathy, mental health, genomics, nutrition, podiatry and traditional Chinese medicine . All of these specialisations are integrated for a holistic approach to health and well-being.


Personalised Healthcare

We approach the health concerns of each client with an open and curious mind, taking their culture, lifestyle and sexual orientation into account when we do our assessments. Our goal is to help our clients, and we are agnostic to what type of treatment that may require. Our practitioners are creative and collaborative in considering all options and treatments, from medicine to counselling, acupuncture to nutrition. Every client’s medical concerns are unique, and our treatments are always tailored to their needs.

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In-house Lab

We are unique in having our own in-house medical laboratory which rivals those in Hong Kong’s major hospitals. This facilitates faster, more comprehensive client assessments and allows us to be more innovative in our assessments and treatments. For example, we set our own reference ranges when testing hormone levels, allowing us greater latitude in treating age-related diseases. It also allows us to look at a wider range of cancer and pre-diabetics markers than other clinics. Our laboratory does in-depth testing of thyroid conditions, sexually transmitted disease and hormone optimisation, among other conditions.


East Meets West

Just as our practitioners and clients from from every corner of the globe, we also embrace an open-minded cross-cultural approach to treatments. We are unique in combining western and eastern approaches to health rather than having them compete against each other. We combine the best of cutting edge western medical technology with Asia’s ancient understanding of body balance. Our acupuncturist collaborates with our in-house laboratory technicians and western medicine doctors, and our practitioners regularly refer patients to other in-house experts.

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Know Your Numbers - TEDxVail

As a doctor of clinical medicine, Dr. Bramley concludes that the greatest tool for health is knowing your numbers so that you can make informed decisions by monitoring 4 key biomarkers for optimal health, well-being and appearance. Many go through batteries of laboratory testing for routine health checks, life insurance physicals, or to investigate disease biomarkers. Often measured yet not acted upon to optimize health, discover these 4 key numbers and their impact on your health.