Our Approach

to Medical Aesthetics

At Dr Lauren Bramley & Partners we offer a wide range of aesthetics and medical cosmetic procedures that help our clients to look healthy, reflecting their internal well-being. Because we believe looking our best can help us feel our very best. Our doctors and aestheticians regularly attend national and international seminars and workshops; to keep themselves up to date with this rapidly advancing field. We have brand new, state-of-the-art technology, including the Fotona SP Aesthetic Dynamis Laser® and Endy-Med®.

Patients may be required to have a consultation with one of our practitioners before having a treatment.

Services List

Acne Treatment with OmniLux®

OmniLux ® is a new technology based on narrowband Light Emitting Diodes (LEOs) for the treatment of a wide range of dermatological conditions such as acne, photo damage, non-melanoma skin cancers, skin rejuvination, Vitiligo, Rosacea and wound healing. 

The treatment is non-evasive, non-ablative light therapy with no down time or any unwanted side effects. Each session takes twenty minutes and are conducted by experienced and well-trained therapists using the finest quality medical grade products. 


BOTOX® is a simple, non-surgical physician-administered treatment that can temporarily smooth frown lines and facial wrinkles, prevent or reduce migraine headaches (for up to six months) and control excessive underarm and palm sweating (hyperhydrosis).

BOTOX® can also achieve facial slimming and reduction of tooth grinding and TMJ symptoms when injected into the masseter muscles of the face (where results last for six to twelve months). Made from purified protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium it is administered by the Doctor using tiny needles. We only use FDA-approved BOTOX® by Allergen, the original manufacturers of BOTOX®. Treatments last from four to eighteen months depending on age, lifestyle and areas treated. Suitable for men and women. 

Clinical Facials

We offer two in-house facials: one with our own Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners clinical grade skincare line and the other with Skinceuticals, an excellent range of facial products from Australia. The facials are performed by our own Aesthetician and take one hour from start to finish.  

Dermal Fillers


Sun exposure, hormonal changes and aging can all have impact on your skin’s appearance. Over time, your skin begins to lose hyaluronic acid and collagen, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of fullness and elasticity.

JuvedermTM and TEOSYAL® are dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid and are used to correct wrinkles and folds, add volume to sunken skin and reverse the signs of aging. These products are highly biocompatible and are slowly absorbed. They can be injected into the entire face, neckline, neck and hands for frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, lines around the mouth, sunken cheeks, dark eye circles, and eye bags (tear troughs), and down turned mouth (puppet lines). Lip volume and outline can also be restored with excellent results. The range of formulations listed below relates according to differing purposes of face volume restoration, lip augmentation and repair of cutaneous depressions. The results are immediate and may last as long as eighteen months. 

We also carry other popular brands including Sculptura®, Juvederm Volbella® and Voluma®.

Suitable for men and women. 


Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal approved by the FDA which produces long-lasting results. Unlike other hair removal procedures, electrolysis can be used on many different hair and skin types. Multiple sessions to achieve best possible results. Treatment times generally range from 10-20 minutes.

Endy-Med: 3Deep Skin Science ®

EndyMed® provides proven aesthetic solutions, offering the definitive in safe and effective treatments for the eyes, face, neck and body. From head to toe, EndyMed®offers your patients the most in-demand, superior tightening, contouring, fractional resurfacing and RF microneedling treatments, clinically proven to deliver the best results.


Fotona SP Dynamis Aesthetic Laser

Our new state of the art Fotona SP Dynamis laser is the latest technology for a wide range of aesthetic treatments including skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, veins and vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and permanent hair reduction. The treatments are non-invasive and virtually pain free producing long-lasting or even permanent results.

Before having any treatment, a consultation is required by one of our general practitioners.


Lumens Lightsheer EC® Laser Hair Removal

This permanent hair reduction with amazing comfort and speed for all skin types uses break- through vacuum-assisted technology in combination with diode laser light. The destruction of hair follicles is virtually pain-free with no need for topical anaesthetics or gels. Most of the body can be treated including the underarms, the bikini, legs, arms, lip, neck and back. Please discuss with your practitioner about your targeted areas.

Patients require a GP consultation prior to undergoing their first laser hair removal. 


Microdermabrasion by Genesis Biosystems, Inc. uses either medical grade crystals or disposable crystal-free exfoliation tips to remove the dead, outermost layer of skin. The skin exfoliation process reveals new, living skin cells that are soft, smooth and receptive to nutrients.

Microdermabrasion is used to treat and/or diminish:

• Fine lines
• Wrinkles
• Sun-damaged skin
• Acne-prone skin
• Oily skin
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Dry or patchy skin
• Superficial age spots
• Hyperpigmentation

A course of three to six treatments performed 2 weeks apart is recommended. It is also a perfect treatment to boost any skin care regimen.

Photo Rejuvenation One® for Facial Rejuvenation

This treatment uses Intensed Pulsed Light system with patented state-of-the-art technology for improvement on age spots, sun damage, pigmentation, freckles, Rosacea and ruddy complexion. The results leave you looking younger with a smoother complexion 

Patients require a consultation with a GP prior to undergoing their first Photo Rejuvenation treatment.

Please ask our team about what treatment package is best for you. 

RF Radio-Surgery with Ellman Surgitron®

Our practitioners use the new Ellman Surgitron® technology to perform minor surgery in-clinic with minimal or no scarring. Used for the removal of unsightly skin tags, moles, warts, red spots, cysts, scars, verrucae, eyelid lesions, xanthomata (liquid deposits around the eyes), genital tags and spots and the ablation of veins and capillaries on the face and around the nose.

Excellent results and rapid wound healing. Also, very successful with children who may not tolerate surgical techniques. Please speak to our team about various skin packages available.

Stem-cell Rejuvenation Therapy

Regenerative stem cell therapies involve injection of the body’s building blocks to rejuvenate and regenerate the body internally and externally for greater energy and vitality of the skin. Stem cell treatments are particularly effective in treating the skin around the eyes to produce a refreshed and brighter look.


Using ultrasound technology to treat the skin’s deep foundation, which lifts and tightens primarily the face and neck. Ultherapy can be used in other areas including the décolletage, the arms and stomach producing lasting results. Our medical practitioners can assist you in personalizing your treatment options. 

Ultherapy® is the ONLY FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the chest.

With Ultherapy, there is typically no downtime involved, so you are able to return to your normal activities right away. Your skin may appear a bit flushed immediately after treatment, but any redness should disappear within a few hours.

Over days, the following month (and even up to a year) patients have experienced significant results of a tightening and lift of the skin.