Our Approach

to Nutrition

Tailored nutrition, as well as supplementation and lifestyle recommendations, are aligned to genomic, allergy, hormones and diagnostic testing. We offer personalized meal, supplements and fitness plans based on genetic testing.



Services List

Weight-loss and Detoxification Programs

Tailor made programs that addresses root causes of weight gain be it hormonal, genetic or emotional. A well-organized detox program will boost energy, focus and immunity, improve skin and hair, and reap anti-aging benefits.

Pregnancy Nutrition

From planning conception to pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care, nutrition is essential for a healthy baby and mother. The mother’s diet and supplements before and during pregnancy will alter the baby’s genes.

Personalized Meal, Supplement and Fitness Plans

Personalized Meal, Supplement and Fitness Plans based on Genetic Testing
Clients that have:

  • Tried to loose weight with various diets, come from an adopted or ethnically genetic susceptible background
  • Family history of breast, ovarian and prostrate cancer, or suffer from infertility, endometriosis, PMS, uterine fibroids, or on HRT
  • Family history of mental conditions such Alzheimer’s, dementia or autism
  • Elite and amateur athletes, looking to maximize performance can optimize family health and chronic illness through the impacting gene expression by way of lifestyle choices.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Comprehensive wellness initiatives offer a variety of practical programs that include yoga and mindfulness classes; lunchtime stress management seminars, healthy recipe exchanges; fitness challenges; or weight loss initiatives and competitions.

HCG: The Six Week Clinically Manage Weight Loss Program

This comprehensive six-week program is suitable for men and women, and is particularly effective for those with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, PCOS, metabolic syndrome and many other hormonal disturbances. HCG Treatment is an intensive hormone protocol that effectively resets your metabolism. It must be strictly followed under medical supervision for optimum results.